Patch 5.4 PTR: New sound files datamined

posted on 10 Jul 2013 16:02 by chx2013
More spoiler-laden sound files for patch 5.4 have just been datamined by Adriacraft on Youtube. These files feature vocal tracks by many of the major players in patch 5.4, including faction leaders, major players, and the voice of an Old God long thought dead. Creepy! As always, spoilers abound, so if you'd rather avoid patch 5.4 spoilers, turn away now.

Along with files for Thrall and Varian Wrynn, we've finally got an wow gold appearance from Saurfang, and more sound files from Wrathion. The Wrathion files in particularly are very interesting, involving his commentary on the current Alliance and Horde situation. He's not exactly the happiest black dragon in the world at the moment!For more sound files and other spoiler-riffic information for patch 5.4, be sure to check out Adriacraft's YouTube channel!