"I have played Guild Wars 2 for a long time but I do not like the character's appearance in game. I think there are not many apparels for me to choose from, especially the male model." One of Guild Wars 2 players complains in the forum.

In fact, Guild Wars 2 does not have much apparel for players to choose from, even though ArenaNet have published some character customizations yet, but it's far away to meet all players needs.

I also do not like the armor designed with monotonous, and which are too heavily around the single themes, that makes me felt so boring. I think ArenaNet should not pay most of their time on the face. More different and fashion apparels are well welcomed by many players. Rather than to make my character's face beautiful, I would like to spend much money buying Guild Wars 2 gold  to wear clothes which I like.

And what's your opinion?