Guild Wars 2 computer configuration requires high

posted on 16 Jun 2013 09:43 by chx2013
 Guild Wars 2, developed by the Korean ncsoft have air network operators, known as the main task is not old-fashioned, there is no fixed personal story of Guild Wars 2 Gold. So let us look at this play with dynamic, real sense of fighting, breathing, life game.Guild Wars 2 is an athletic-based game, pvp is the main theme of the game, all occupations can quickly switch stance to deal with various situations, because you can move the cast, you can dodge skills, so the enemy skills anticipation, and then Quick dodge has also become the focus of the game. Then there is fighting two battles composition is very flexible, such as an element that can erupt in a high, sustained injuries, treatment, and four kinds of gestures battle tanks, must determine a flexible guide for battle command, in addition to covering the land battle, underwater, attack City appliance, make fighting more flexible and changeable.Guild Wars 2 is very demanding on the computer configuration, but the quality is indeed impressive, although the game to sports-based, similar to the cross fire of athletic teams, but whether it is landscapes, buildings, or the weather, there is a very good performance, of course, game character skills, it is amazing. Optimization of the game is also quite good, my computer for Guild Wars 2, it is just considered normal configuration, but the game screen is still quite smooth. Guild Wars 2 music, you can say that eyes of the beholder wise see wisdom, Guild Wars 2, the background music does not leave me much of an impression, sound pretty good, all the skills have a clear sense of sound, yes, clear, positioning is very accurate, or you can decide from the sound is not to dodge something.

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