Neverwinter Founder's Packs now Available

posted on 06 May 2013 14:23 by chx2013
For the future, I'd suggest Cryptic/PW a modular pack where people can mix different options to their liking. I know that it requires to internally have very item asigned a price but... well, ye know already those prices or ye wouldn't be mentioning the "Value" and the actual price*. It'd also require some testing and having to deal with people really clumsy using forms but... well, I think that there would be anoter bunch of happy people about having such an option.Also, missing stuff like "These stuff won't be sold in the shop"? Or "This ad that items can be purchased separatedly later"? I know that the shop is in napkins (at best) right now, but some comment about that would be nice even if it won't make a difference in my final decission.Still not quite adding up to $200 in items let alone $549, but it is a LOT closer. Wish my old friend Shea was still around. He loved the Robe of Useless Items. Always found a way to use the items from it, as a joke if for no other reason. Miss you, big guy. Rest in peace.
I just purchased the HERO OF THE NORTH and Neverwinter gold although I was mostly interested in the Horse and the Dire Wolf, the 5 days early acess will grant me some names I desire. BUT here is the deal, the page now says I can purchase the GUARDIAN pack, but when I try, I get an error mensage.