Blizzard Entertainment released in the first half of this year, Diablo 3 set off a worldwide an ARPG frenzy, although mixed, but have to admit that the games do quite successful. Announced game development PVP content, however, have been slow to add into the game, and repeatedly brush Guaidao spit like PVP players you feel tired of it? Recently, Diablo 3 official website a developers blog let us renewed hope Diablo 3 PVP finally came. 
In this paper, the development team, said the initial team announced the death mode (Team Deathmatch Mode) was overthrown redo, in large part because d3 gold and Diablo 2, is an emphasis on the the PVE experience the game in the balance of vocational and skills is difficult to meet the requirements of the PVP, a large number of test development team members feel that this mode is not high enough, the game does not meet the traditional high quality of the Blizzard game, can not respond to the expectations of the players, and therefore the entire overthrow redo.
At the same time, the Blizzard developers announced duel mode of the game plan to the next patch is 1.0.7 added, the specific details will be announced in the near future. The duel mode will be more tricky, and easier to balance.
Of course, in the final development of the Bowen group added: "Team Deathmatch mode is not completely abandoned, and we want to find a substitute for this mode, one more in line with the Diablo III style, favorite players and better things. as we promised before the duel modes including PVP content are completely free, and will add more in the future in the form we want PVP and not just Kanfan the opposite of each living we also added some the PVE elements and return and let the battle more interesting. "
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